The component styles of the Sleeping Lion Aiki Hapkido System

External arts: Our adult class content

Dynamic Hapkido/Aikido – standing empty hand self defense. A striking, blending, joint locking, and throwing art. Contains all elements of movement.

Sleeping Lion Street JuJutsu – defense on the ground. The best of JuJutsu defense on the ground. Combines with all our standing arts.

Aiki Kobudo – our weapons master program. Includes: Bo staff, Escrima, knife/gun disarming, Sais, sword.

Internal arts: By request

Ki Sool Healing Arts – alignment, Reiki and more.

Hap Ki Gong – ancient, rare Hapkido study of energetics.

Stone Temple Training: brick/board breaking – conditioning.

Character Development – The Way training.

Instructor and apprenticeship programs also offered.

Kids classes have age specific content.

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