Birthday Club

Birthday parties are a great time for all of your child’s friends to come together and have some fun! We provide two hours of Birthday fun, in a structured, and safe environment.

We provide a training area with thick padding, as well as an outstanding child to instructor ratio for the martial arts based activities.

Does your child crave fun and excitement this is the Birthday Party to have!

First Hour
In the first hour. The children attending your party will be introduced to some basic safety, and rules regarding the martial arts. Next will come a stretch, and warm-up. Finally the kids will be ready for some Martial Arts activities! These include but are not limited to some basic kicks and punches, as well as Martial Arts related games.

Second Hour

The second hour is set aside for cake and presents. This hour will take place in our lobby provided with a table, as well as Martial Arts party accessories (balloons plates, utensils, table cloth). Please provide cake, drinks, and other items as needed (please refrain from carpet staining drinks such as Kool-Aid).

To sign- up..

All you have to do is pick your date (verify on our calendar that it is not already taken), fill out our application online below, and pay online or in person at the studio. Please pay at time of reservation, so that we may insure your spot.


Payment is based on the number of children attending your party. There is a discount for current students who wish to host their party at Sleeping Lion Martial Arts, as well as repeat customers.



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