Adult Testimonials

“Sleeping Lion… It isn’t just martial arts. To me this is a place where I find peace. I came for the defense, but I stayed for the friends. Only here can I be challenged, enthused, frustrated, and at peace all at once…

This is a place for everyone, the restless, the abnormal, the dancer, and those who thought they could never succeed.”

Caryn Morrison – Green belt

“Everything about me has improved greatly, I plan on training for the rest of my life, and to open up my own studio.”

Robby McKinstry – Red belt

“The ways in which Martial Arts training has helped me in various aspects of my life are too numerous to list. To name a few, I have gained confidence, self- discipline and the ability to think more clearly in stressful situations. The experience of teaching has enabled me to deepen my understanding of Martial Arts while helping to prepare me for a future career in education. I feel that through teaching Martial Arts I am making a valuable contribution to the community.

Overall, training at Sleeping Lion has made and continues to make me a better person. I plan to continue my training on some form throughout my life.”

Mikell Coleman – Brown belt

“Sleeping Lion is an amazing school. I learned more about myself and my training in one year with them than I ever thought possible. I have grown close to many of the students through my training and instructing to the point that I cried when I had to move away. Neil Wilson is one of the finest instructors I have ever come across. I am continuing with him through the train at home program because I know I will not find another school like his and I can’t think of a higher honor than being presented a black belt by him. ”

Jessy Shaffer – Purple belt

Parent Testimonials

“Sleeping Lion has helped my son develop confidence in his physical being, and a positive attitude towards life.”

Hanna Raiter – Jr’s class parent

Kid Testimonials (under 18)

“Sleeping Lion is an enjoyable place. I think everyone should go there and enjoy the martial arts. I really like the calmness and goodness of Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson has respect, and likes everyone.

I learn different things in martial arts such as, kicks, punches, grappling, Hapkido, and I enjoy it all. My favorite things to do down there are kicking drills, JuJutsu, sais, escrima and grappling.

I like teaching as well. I’m glad I get to teach, and one day I hope to teach all the classes. Teaching lets me see white kind of personalities people have. Some are serious, some are silly, some like everything, some don’t. Thanks Mr. Wilson”

– Red belt

“Sleeping Lion Martial Arts has improved my life in many ways. My flexibility has gone up a ton, and I feel much better all around.”

G. Owen – (recently graduated to adults class, good job!) – Gold belt

“I like Sleeping Lion because they teach you a variety of things. They teach Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Grappling, and Weaponry.

My favorites are Weaponry and Hapkido. I like the grappling because it’s challenging and I used to not like it but I enjoy it now. The Tae Kwon Do is easier because before I came here I was a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do at another school. Mr Wilson also teaches soft style alot and I had learned hard style… other than a few different moves it’s easy, and I enjoy it.

The people are nice and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Mr Wilson lets us teach (my sister and myself) and I really enjoy it. I enjoy teaching with the other instructors because they are easy to talk to and fun to teach with.

I really like this school and after five years at my old school I plan to be here for the next five years!”

– Red belt

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