Reason #1: Self Defense

Almost everyone agrees that self-defense is highly important and extremely useful, and we generally exercise common sense when it comes to our own personal safety. Despite this, many of us still feel defenseless when it comes to unexpected, unlawful attacks on our well-being or on the well-being of those we care about.

Maybe we don’t know what to do if grabbed from behind or attacked by multiple assailants. Perhaps we feel smaller or weaker than others. Or maybe we know how to take care of ourselves, but we aren’t as prepared as we would like to be, and we realize that what we don’t know can be far more dangerous than everything we do know.

Hapkido is a martial art form that not only teaches its students techniques that work in given self-defense scenarios, but also helps them learn to modify and combine maneuvers to be effective in any rapidly-evolving physical confrontation. By cultivating the ability to adapt on the fly, Hapkido truly teaches its students to overcome the unknown and prepares them for anything.

Reason # 2: Hapkido is for Everyone

Hapkido is a comprehensive system of self-defense with a diverse approach which enables any student — man or woman, young or old — to adapt its techniques to his or her own personal demeanor and physical abilities.

It also applies to any inescapable situation that escalates beyond words and in which the use of force is required. If you are door security at a popular club and a patron tries to punch you when asked to leave, you can employ Hapkido’s trapping, grabbing, joing-locking, and accu-pressure point techniques to remove the offender without causing him unnecessary physical injury. If, however, your life is threatened or you are sexually assaulted, you can utilize Hapkido’s strikes, chokes, and bone-breaking maneuvers as well.

Reason #3: Win Fights, Not Tournaments

Hapkido is not a competitive martial art. Its focus is on real fights and real-life scenarios, not the tournament ring. In tournaments, fighters are arranged according to rank, level of experience, and often weight class in order to make each and every fight as fair as possible. Life, however, is under no obligation to treat us fairly.

Students of Hapkido learn to view their opponents as energy to control rather than mass to overcome. The larger the opponent, the more energy he brings to bear, the better for the Hapkidoist! Since Hapkido emphasizes precision and accuracy over brute force, its students are able to overcome even extremely large opponents with the application of very little physical strength. This tips the odds in favor of the Hapkidoist, much to the detriment of any assailant who seeks an easy fight.

Reason #4: A Worthy Challenge

Since Hapkido is for everone regardless of gender, age, size, shape, or degree of physical prowess, all students have the opportunity to continuously become better. Through focus and determination, Hapkidoists seek to improve not only their fighting skills but themselves as people.

Hapkido provides a worthy challenge for everyone. There is no such thing as a “natural” Hapkidoist. The degree of skill attained in Hapkido is commensurate with the time spent studying this martial art form and the student’s willingness to overcome challenge.

Reason #5: Not Just Exercise With Benefits

Hapkido is’t just a fun way to exercise with the side benefit of protecting its students against the occasional mugger. It’s an art form, a philosophy, and a way of life. It is a dynamic martial art that learns from the students it teaches, and its lessons apply not only to self-defense but to life and all that it entails. Hapkido teaches its students to unify mind and body to acheive zen-like focus on the present moment whether they are writing a letter, reading a book, driving a car, working out, playing a musical instrument, dancing, or simply enjoying a good conversation.