Sensei Cliff

A fan of the striking arts, Cliff started his martial arts journey right here at Sleeping Lion. While spending some time in Los Angeles, he began training at the Inosanto Academy, where he studied Filipino Kali, Boxing, and Thai Boxing.

Since his return to Sleeping Lion, Cliff has obtained his Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu, and has taken an extreme interest in Wrestling and Judo.

Sensei Cliff teaches the Lion Cubs, Little Lions, and the Big Kids Classes. He also instructs the Wing Chun and MMA Adult Classes.


Jimmy Dana

Jimmy Dana started martial arts back in 2006. Winning the DODEA European 2007 Southern Sectional Wrestling Championship in Vicenza, Italy. Coming back to the United States, Dana went on to compete in the USA Wrestling Nationals in 2009. Starting the first competitive collegiate mixed martial arts team at Northern Arizona in 2010. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Dana worked as a professional coach and cornerman for over 10 years. Dana has gone on to win State, Regional Karate titles throughout the United States Karate Association competing in the 2022 USKA World Championships. Jimmy continues to work with the UFC, hosting Arizona events while continuing to pursue a career in grappling. Holding certifications in Close Quarters Defense Tactics, Jimmy also teaches seminars in modern/traditional weaponry. With Black Belts in Hapkido & Ju-Jutsu Dana has also extensively trained in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Western Boxing, WingChun.