Sleeping Lion Martial Arts offers one unified teaching, one head instructor. Founded in order to have one complete art, to not limit our students pursuit of perfection in any way.

Adult classes are taught by Mr. Wilson and are an entirely different animal than kids classes taught by Mrs. Wilson. For age/class specific information, please click one of the following:

Adult Classes
Ages 3-5
Ages 5-8
Ages 9-12

We are committed to providing quality martial arts to each and every student. To do this, we make sure to keep a small student to teacher ration in each of our classes. We offer an amazing system, quality instruction, the finest in self defense as well as a fabulous facility. We offer our services to everyone, all levels, ages, fit/unfit, prior training or your first class.

We place a strong emphasis on discipline, peace and respect. Learning is they key to all our work. Our teaching is continually evolving and improving. There are no contracts, billing or collection agencies involved with our training.

In all of these areas, we offer fully recognized certification, black belt teachings and certification in several styles (all part of one system) lineage going back to the found of most every system we study, a safe and state of the art facility/training environment, hall of fame level instruction and teachings containing all the elements of physical movement, mental development and spiritual understanding as well as an un-paralleled quality experience for our students.

We truly strive to offer the finest in martial arts instruction. I would like to take this time to offer you a free class. In advance, welcome to our studio.

Master Instructor – Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson

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